Behind the Bubbles: The Science of Soap in Smoosh

Behind the Bubbles: The Science of Soap in Smoosh

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WARNING Understanding the science behind your shower essentials increases the chance of feeling sensationally clean.

Let's peak behind the curtain at the Lather Lab and unravel some mysteries behind the bubbles, exploring the engineering and the chemistry that powers the Smoosh embedded soap bars.

In the midst of countless shower options, the Smoosh Body scrubber stands out as a truly unique companion. Beyond the playful design and adaptive features, there's some serious science at play, harmonizing the art of clean with the beauty of natural ingredients. Smoosh is more than just a scrubber—it's an approach to a more sustainable shower experience.

So let's talk hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions, specially formulated soap compositions, and innovation.

The Role of Soap in Cleaning

Soap is a remarkable cleansing agent that is the result of a chemical transformation known as saponification. Saponification involves a reaction between fats or oils and an alkaline substance, typically sodium hydroxide (lye) in the case of bar soaps.

This reaction results in the creation of soap and glycerin. The hydrophobic (water-repelling) tails of soap molecules grab onto oils and grease, while the hydrophilic (water-attracting) heads bond with water. This dual nature allows soap to break down and emulsify oils, lifting away dirt and impurities. Essentially, saponification is the dance that turns ordinary ingredients into a powerful cleansing agent, making soap an essential companion in our daily hygiene.

At the core of Smoosh lies the essential role of soap in cleansing our skin. It's important to address a common question: "Does your soap contain antibacterial properties?"

Here's the scoop: Smoosh soap, like many natural soaps, doesn't come packed with antibacterial additives. And you know what? That's absolutely okay. 

The science behind soap's efficacy (effectiveness) in eliminating bacteria and viruses doesn't hinge on antibacterial agents. Instead, it relies on the fundamental chemistry of soap. So, while Smoosh soap might not be laden with antibacterial labels, rest assured, it's wielding the science needed to leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Let's stay vigilant and debunk common myths, and embrace the simple effectiveness of natural soap for your shower experience.

The Engineering Twist: Smoosh Smart Soap

But here's where the magic intensifies: Smoosh soap thrives within the embrace of the Smoosh Body scrubber. The soap and scrubber become dance partners, a dynamic duo whose sum creates something greater than the individual parts.

  • Smoosh is better at cleaning and exfoliating than a bar, alone.
  • Smoosh is better at lathering and using the more sustainable cleansing tool (bars vs. body wash) than normal silicone scrubber pads.

So what's a smart soap? First, Smoosh elevates the concept of nesting soaps from art, to science—a game-changer for a zero-waste shower. The uniquely designed Smoosh soap bars mechanically nest, ensuring that no sliver of soap is left behind, and every bit is utilized.

Beyond nesting, the Body Smoosh scrubber also excels at protecting and cradling the soap, optimizing skin contact for an extended life. Not just a tool for cleaning, but a guardian that shields the soap from premature degradation. The adjustable soap height allows users to customize the level of soap or bristle contact. And only one surface of the soap is in contact with your skin which increases the life of the soap versus having one side in your hand and the other on your body which wears away the soap faster.

This thoughtful engineering ensures that each Smoosh soap bar lasts longer. No suds wasted.

Meet the Lather Technicians: Crafters of Smoosh Soap

Behind every luxurious lather and aromatic Smoosh soap bar are skilled artisans: our Lather Technicians (they're friends, so sometimes we call them the Suds Buds 😁). These experts in the art of soap bring passion to the hand crafting of each Smoosh soap, ensuring that your shower experience is nothing short of sensational.

They're responsible for coaxing out a perfectly balanced soap from raw materials, at a scale that supports Smoosh and our users. This means: managing ingredients, mixing, bringing about the saponification between the ingredients, and continuing to work the soap for days after it's first mix as it starts cooling, hardening and aging.

The soap is made in long tubes which are then sliced, and "smooshed" into our unique Smoosh bar shape. All of these steps happen over the course of a few days, before that soap bar, in its final form, is then loaded into a tray along with hundreds and thousands of it's brothers and sisters to start a 6 week aging process. During aging, the soaps evaporate out most of their water content—hardening them for a longer lasting bar.

Finally, they can be boxed up and inventoried for shipment to Smoosh customers. 

Sustainability in Every Sud: Smoosh's Eco-Friendly Approach

At Smoosh, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond crafting the smartest soaps on Earth; it's present in every sud.

The choice between bar soap and plastic bottle body wash isn't just a matter of personal preference; it's a decision that impacts the planet. Smoosh embraces the more sustainable option by championing the use of cleansing bars.

Traditional plastic body wash bottles contribute to a staggering amount of waste, with over 1 billion ending up in U.S. landfills every year. And nearly half a billion plastic loofahs join them. Smoosh invites you to join the eco-friendly movement, saying farewell to disposable plastic.

The obvious question is: "Hey, you can use a bar soap without Smoosh so isn't that better?"

We don't make new things just to make things. We make new things to improve upon a state that exists today. And the Smoosh system makes using bar soaps easier, better and more satisfying than it ever has. When the more sustainable option (soap bars vs. body wash in bottles) is a "stickier" option by making it easier, better and more enjoyable—then that option will be adopted at a higher rate which is a net-positive.

As you enjoy your Smoosh, you're not just treating yourself; you're contributing to a cleaner planet. Smoosh is a plastic-negative brand, removing plastic-waste from the ocean with every purchase.

30+ Variations on our Formula

A big part of the development process was getting soap consistency to behave in a way where we can change it’s physical form after it’s started curing.

You can make soap with just about any oil, but typical cold process soap is done by pouring into large square shaped box molds, then cut into bars after they’ve hardened up. There is no need for malleability and post-production manipulation of the soap.

In our Lather Lab, the focus was on building something that works, held up against any premium natural bar of soap out there. Because we weren't just making bricks, we needed to have a soap formula that stays thin and manageable while maintaining pour-ability into round tubes.

There are many ways to keep soap formulations thin. But there was a secondary process after forming it into cylinders—we also need to get it out and start the Smoosh shape phase. That magical, smart shape that makes all of this work.

If it’s too thin, it will take way too long to make the custom shape. Soap is made from a combination of hard and soft oils (think olive oil vs cocoa butter), and finding the right balance is key to creating the perfect soap “dough.”

Our soap formula has been updated more than 30 times to achieve a great balance of soft enough in the beginning, and hardening up quickly enough to reform the shape, without getting too hard too quickly.

We want that hardening-up phase to happen at the right moment! Temperature control goes a long way into making sure the soap consistency comes out correctly. Too cold and oils harden up before it can even become soap. Too hot and it hardens up too quickly.

The next phase is pressing, we use a two-sided press to form the smoosh logo and unique nesting design that is form fitting in the scrubber. Smoosh soap is pliable enough to remold without crumbling, but isn't be too sticky such that it sticks to our molds. After this 2-4 day process, the soaps are tucked away in their vented beds for a long cure nap, then they travel into a box and onward to your shower.

Is it time to join Smoosh?

Take a look through our different Smoosh Body silicone body scrubbers, and pair it with your favorite Smoosh soap bars for body cleansing or shower-shaving.

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