Back Scrubber Handle

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Color: Black
Clip on to your Smoosh Body silicone body scrubber for those hard to reach places.

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Not needed, not overly convenient to use it release, but if you’re mobility limited I bet it would work and help. Soap fell out ALOT the first time I tried to use it, been better since, could have been user error.


I have a very hard time keeping it on the bar of soap. It pops off often.

Heidi Kunselman
I've changed my ways...

I had one of those brush back scrubbers hanging in my shower forever. I seldom used it because it was so harsh on my skin. And never used it on my legs. Using my Smoosh with the handle was amazing. It was so soft but still cleaning me well. I'm a senior citizen, so I did find it easier to use if I slipped the little rope that it hangs on over my hand first. That way I couldn't drop it. Just a hint for all you seniors out there! I think you'll love it on your delicate skin!

Adam Hahn
The Stick Made Me A Better Person

It’s a bit embarrassing, but before Smoosh I kind of ignored my back in the shower. Which in hindsight is gross, because it’s like 20% of your skin surface (maybe, I’m not a scientist). But with this I can get it ALL and I’m a cleaner and better person for it. And now I am secretly judging everyone who doesn’t use a stick like this. You know who you are.

Okay the stick has been great`

My brother gifted me this, he uses these guys' razor and he knows I like my scrubber. I just took a shower an smoosh is so awesome. The stick is genius. I can get my back with it really easily, and it's felt solid so far. big fan, thanks guys.